Carlos Muniz

Position: Midfield / Forward
Nationality: German / Spanish
Favourite Team: HSV
Favourite Player: Totti
Pre-Match Song: The Final Countdown (Europe)
Year Joined: 2010

carlos muniz 2

Midfielder that can play up front and in defence. Great at stopping opposition midfielders. The Paul Scholes of the team when it comes to tackling.

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Charles Okeke


Position: Midfield
Nationality: Nigerian
Favourite Player: Steven Gerrard
Favourite Team: Liverpool
Pre Match Song: YNWA
Year Joined: 2012


John Thomson


Position: Midfield
Nationality: English
Favourite Team: Man City
Favourite Player: Gabriel Batistuta
Pre-Match Song: Oneway
Year Joined: 2011


Julian Rennhak


Nationality: German
Favourite Team: Borussia Dortmund
Favourite Player: Marco Reus
Pre-Match Song: Spice Up Your Life
Year Joined: 2014


Marwan Aleid


Position: Winger
Nationality: Syrian
Favourite Team: Real Madrid
Favourite Player: Ronaldinho
Pre-Match Song: Till I Collapse
Year Joined: 2012