Keith Bradbury

Category: Defenders

Nationality: England
Position: Director of Football and Defender
Years Played: 2003-Present


One of the club's founders, Keith is the heart and soul of the Barbarians. He has served long stints as A Team Captain and A Team Manager.

Known for his stalwart displays on the pitch, as well as his ability to make exactly the same team talk sound pertinent -- week in, week out. A rock in midfield and defense since the beginning, Keith has often stepped in as goalkeeper when duty called over the years. Brings experience and stability to the team and has been with Barbarians since they were just cavemen. Passionate about football and pineapple. Definitely a club man! Powered almost exclusively by coffee, Keith likes to seek refuge from the Barbarians "pressure cooker" by spending his spare time filling the shoes of the General Manager of ClubFootball. Keith is a lifelong supporter of Man City!