Current Players

Alistair Dawson


Position: Fantasista
Nationality: British
Favourite Team: Barbaaaarians!!
Favourite Player: Luis Suarez
Pre Match Song: No Church in the Wild - Jay-Z
Year Joined: 2012


Carlos Muniz

Position: Midfield / Forward
Nationality: German / Spanish
Favourite Team: HSV
Favourite Player: Totti
Pre-Match Song: The Final Countdown (Europe)
Year Joined: 2010

carlos muniz 2

Midfielder that can play up front and in defence. Great at stopping opposition midfielders. The Paul Scholes of the team when it comes to tackling.

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Charles Okeke


Position: Midfield
Nationality: Nigerian
Favourite Player: Steven Gerrard
Favourite Team: Liverpool
Pre Match Song: YNWA
Year Joined: 2012


John Thomson


Position: Midfield
Nationality: English
Favourite Team: Man City
Favourite Player: Gabriel Batistuta
Pre-Match Song: Oneway
Year Joined: 2011


Julian Rennhak


Nationality: German
Favourite Team: Borussia Dortmund
Favourite Player: Marco Reus
Pre-Match Song: Spice Up Your Life
Year Joined: 2014


Keith Bradbury

Nationality: England
Position: Director of Football and Defender
Years Played: 2003-Present


One of the club's founders, Keith is the heart and soul of the Barbarians. He has served long stints as A Team Captain and A Team Manager.

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Kevin Broady


Position: Full Back
Nationality: British / Belgian
Favourite Team: Newcastle United
Favourite Player: Peter Schmeichal
Pre-Match Song: Song 2 - Blur
Year Joined: 2013


Kevin Plume


Position: Striker
Nationality: England
Favourite Player: Robert Fleck
Favourite Team: Chelsea
Pre-Match Song: Blue is the Colour
Year Joined: 2008

The giant of the team and the league! Wonderful touch that you wouldn't expect for man of his size. Scores goals with both of his heads and feet. Powerful striker with specially made kit to accommodate his frame.


Marco Graf

Position: Defence
Nationality: German
Favourite Team: Eintracht Frankfurt
Favourite Player: Keith Bradbury
Pre-Match Song: Everybody
Year Joined: 2012



Marwan Aleid


Position: Winger
Nationality: Syrian
Favourite Team: Real Madrid
Favourite Player: Ronaldinho
Pre-Match Song: Till I Collapse
Year Joined: 2012


Morgan A. Grice

Morgan A. Grice

Position: Goalkeeper
Nationality: Australian
Favourite Team: Brisbane Roar
Year Joined: 2008


Nathaniel Jerusan


Position: Full Back
Nationality: Belgian
Favourite Team: RSC Anderlecht
Favourite Player: Mbark Boussoufa
Pre Match Song: 2 Becomes 1
Year Joined: 2013


Stu Hayward


Position: Centre Back
Nationality: British
Favourite Team: Chelsea
Favourite Player: David Lee
Pre Match Song: Led Zeppelin - The Immigrant Song
Year Joined: 2012