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Beijing Barbarians Website Launched!

Published on July 18, 2006

The Management of the Beijing Barbarians Football Club are pleased to announce the launch of the brand-spanking-new Beijing Barbarians site. This site will be home to all the latest news, gossip, results, and whatnot that NO Barbarians fan or player can live without! 


Special thanks should go to A team Captain Keith Bradbury and Club Vice-Chairman Dave Carini for all their help in putting this site together, which I can tell you was no easy feat. However, the shell is now up and running, and we hope that before the IFFC season kicks-off in a month, the rest of the site will be nearing completion.

We will of course need your help, as all players are requested to submit a mug shot of themselves and a short background piece. If not provided, I will make some crap up :-)

The Club is also, of course, on the look out for new players. Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Barbarians should This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will provide more information and invite you along to our next match.

The Chairman

"Come on the Barbars!"


Barbarians Join ClubFootball Indoor League; First Matches This Wednesday

Published on October 10, 2004


The ClubFootball Indoor League starts Wednesday at the Yew Cheung International School (not far from Chao Yang Park), and the Barbarians have entered a team. Our first game is at 8pm, with the second straight after. Let me know if you can make it.

Future game days will change between Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, starting at 7pm and finishing at 8:15. The cost to play is 35 RMB per player per week.

Directions: The Beijing Yew Cheung International School is 5 minutes East of Chaoyang Park. To get there from the South Gate of Chaoyang Park, continue east and go under the 4th Ring Road. After going under the 4th Ring Road, turn right (south) at the first set of traffic lights. Go past the Harley Davidson shop (!), and after 200m, the road swings round to the left - DO NOT turn left. Instead continue straight on down the narrow road, and the school gate is 200m further on the right. You will need to register at the Security Gate House on the left as you enter the school premises.

Address: Honglingjin Park, No 5 Huobalizhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100025


Barbarians Join IFFC; Club Leadership Elected

Published on September 30, 2004

Numerous Barbarians had a meeting yesterday to discuss the future of the team's future post ClubFootball. After meeting with the head of the International Friendship Football Club (IFFC) league the previous night, there were many things to discuss.

To join the IFFC league, which is already well established and includes both expat and local teams, each current player will be required to pay 300 RMB, which will cover individual player registrations and our team deposit. Students pay 200 RMB. Those who join the Barbarians in the future will need to pay a little extra.

As a club, we've now become more organised, with a Chairman (myself), Captain (Keith Bradbury), Treasurer (Dirk Kraetzer), Social Secretary (Steve Clayton), and a general whip-cracker (Alex Graham). If any of you would like to be more involved, please let me know.

The IFFC league itself kicks off on the weekend of Oct. 16-17 and runs through December, followed by a winter break, and finally the spring segment from March to June. If you are keen to remain in the Club as we move to the IFFC, we will need money as soon as possible.

As China's National Day holiday is right around the corner, here, we have been given until the weekend before our fixture to come up with the cash. I myself will be away until October 6, so we will try to organize the payment after that date. In the meantime you can locate two passport-sized photos and fill out the required team registration form (provided by the IFFC) to make sure your personal registration is ready.

I hope the added cost will not put any of you off, and I look forward to seeing you on the pitch soon. Regardless of your decision whether or not to stay with the Barbarians as we take this step forward, please let me know. Finally, if you know of anyone who wants to play, let me know and bring them along...we are recruiting!!!



Last Friendly Before League Starts!

Published on September 15, 2004

This weekend we kick off on Sunday, September 19 at noon. Meet at ClubFootball bar at 10:30 or go direct...let me know which!!!



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