Football Training Tip: Shooting the Ball

Published on April 12, 2013

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20131019-beijing-barbarians-vs-vikings-13When you're part of a football team (like Arsenal), training together is the best way to make sure you all perform well on the pitch. There are many different ways of training and one of the most important techniques to learn is how to shoot well. The chance to score a goal can be very hard to come by in a game of football, so when you do find yourself in the right situation, you have to make sure you can take the most out of this opportunity. When you're shooting from a distance, it's important that you put enough power behind the ball while ensuring the accuracy of your aim. It's best if you kick with the top portion of your shoes, the place where the laces are. Make sure the ball comes into contact with this area as the flat surface of the field can sometimes make the ball propel differently. You can watch some videos on YouTube to see that even professional players make mistakes when they kick the ball because of the field's grassy surface.

When you're going to kick the ball, it is important that you have good balance. Use your non-kicking foot for pivot and put your arms out slightly. Practice standing on your pivot foot for a few seconds until you get the hang of it. After that, concentrate on controlling the direction of the ball. You can practice this activity even in your own living room while your flatmates play online games at Foxy Bingo. When you feel comfortable doing this, you can now go outside and play football again.

Practice kicking with both feet. Use your preferred foot when controlling the ball because you may not always have the time or the opportunity to shift during the actual game. Practice hitting the ball accurately at first before increasing the strength of your shots. Later you can add more power behind it and start shooting for goal.

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