Barbars Get a Timely Break; Back With a Bang?

Published on October 6, 2007

Both Barbarians 11s teams have found life difficult in their respective new divisions, and it is about time we both got our campaigns back on track. With a timely break underway, thanks to the October holidays, we will need to get back into action with a real bang, as both teams have big, big games coming up.

In the 5s, the A team can win their respective division next Wednesday. They've got two makeup games left, and if they win both, they will win Division 3. Not as good as winning the whole league, but certainly a step in the right direction. The Bs, also in Division 3 currently, have found life not so easy. Apart from the highlight of beating the A Team in their first encounter, there has really been little to shout home about in this 5s campaign.

Fingers will be crossed that promotion in the 5s will spur the 11s A team onto greater things when they kick off again weekend after next. The Bs, on the other hand, will be looking to find out how to take their obvious talent and turn it into some actual victories and points in the table. If the Barbarians teams can find what is missing, mid-table finishes in the IFFC 2007-2008 Season are still within both teams' reach. in the IFFC.

Perhaps we all need a drink first....

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