A Brief History of the Beijing Barbarians

Published on July 18, 2006
Beijing Barbarians - The Best International Amateur Football in Beijing

Founded in 2003 by ClubFootball and its members, the Barbarians were created with the same fresh mix of talent that made the infamous rugby team of the same name so inspiring. As the "United Nations of Football," the Barbarians have been going from strength to strength since their formation.

Having competed in the ClubFootball League during their inaugural season, the Barbarians moved to the IFFC League in 2004. In their first season with the IFFC the team won the Division 3 Championship without losing a single game.

In 2005 the Barbarians B team was created following a successful summer of expansion. Now, with two teams moving in the right direction, and with a new sponsorship deal with automotive giant Peugeot, the Barbarians' future is one of guts and glory.

Come on the Barbars!

Club Management - Summer 2006

Club Chairman and A Team Manager: Lee Green
Club Vice-Chairman: Dave Carini
B Team Manager: Andrew Sadler
Team Captains: Keith Bradbury and Peter Tsang
Club Treasurers: Dirk Kraetzer and Vincent Ricoux
Club Statisticians: To Be Announced
Club Social Secretaries: To Be Announced

Club Sponsors

BlueStar AMG

Shider Consultancy

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Club Partners



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