Barbs Derby Fun for All; IFFC 2008 Spring Season Now On!

Published on February 25, 2008

Last weekend saw the annual Beijing Barbarians derby, and it seems that each year the two teams get closer and closer together in terms of quality. However, I am happy to see that the game was played in the best possible spirit and those that went to the Japanese restaurant afterward had a great time.

There have been several changes in how the Club is being run, and as we prepare for the spring season, now is a good time to go over them:

Richard took over as A team manager for the first time on Sunday and did a fantastic job mixing things up and ensuring that everyone knew what was expected from them. With Sexy coming up this weekend, the As face a real taxing start to the second half of the season, but one that is more than doable if everyone has their game face on.

The Bs have continued to grow steadily under Andrew's leadership, and I think it was clear for all last weekend just how much their squad has improved over recent months. They should now have more than enough to compete with any of the teams in their division.

Also on the cards, Frederic has agreed to take over the handling of the website. He has some good ideas and you can expect to see some improvements in the near future. Of course, thanks to him for stepping forward and volunteering to put forth the effort to help the Barbs develop. If only everyone was so nice...

Finally, a big thanks to Scott and Allied Pickfords for the great new darts shirts.

Anyway, the IFFC season is now upon us. Good luck, and don't go breaking any legs!

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