Barbarians World Cup 2010 Auction

Published on May 30, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to announce the Barbarians 2010 World Cup Auction competition is now open to all! We've set up an auction system to take bids on each team competing in the World Cup finals. The person who bids the highest for each team will hold the ticket for that team going into the World Cup Finals. Here's the format:


Any person can bid for any team. A bid is made when I recieve an email OR a text message including the team name, the bid amount and the sender's details.

You can increase the bid in lots of either 10 RMB or 50 RMB. All bids will be chronologically recorded. I will be in charge of keeping a record of the bids for each team. Once a bid is made it is binding and all payments must be followed through!


I will update the club via email showing the latest bid levels and the name of the current 'owner' of the each team. I expect to do this several times between now and the bidding deadline.

The first World Cup match is on Friday, June 11; therefore, bidding will close at 11pm on Thursday, June 10. An official listing of winning bids, bid prices and names will be published via email and on the Club website. (To make it fair, as I am the controller...I will not be able to make a bid after 10.58pm on Thursday 10th June).


The owner of the eventual World Cup winning team gets the 1st place price. The owner of the losing Finals team gets the 2nd place prize. The owner of the 3rd place playoff winner gets the 3rd place prize. Prizes will be distributed as follows:

  • 1st Prize: 40% of the total bid money
  • 2nd Prize: 30% of the total bid money
  • 3rd prize: 20% of the total bid money

* This is a club fundraiser, so 10% of the bid money will go to the club

** Danger Doyle's have been invited to offer additional prizes too, so hopefully each prize place will get an additional award from them.

It's a straightforward competition, and the bidding stage is a lot of fun. I will try and update everyone as often as possible. DON'T FORGET YOU CAN BID VIA TEXT MESSAGE TOO! Please feel free to call me for an update on the current bid price.

Let the bidding begin!!!


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