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Published on May 17, 2010

hotels-combined-logoDear club members,

I am pleased to announce that the club has secured a sponsorship deal with HotelsCombined. Our new sponsor will make a generous annual donation to the club to help with website upkeep. In return they will place a small banner ad on the website advertising their services. Please use their services wherever possible!

It's a great little deal and shows that there are opportunities like these all over the place. A few more web sponsorship deals like these and the days of 100% club-sponsored match fees will soon arrive!


As always, there are people working very hard behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly for the club. In light of this new sponsorship, we are looking for someone to volunteer to take on an exciting and key role within the club - Sponsorship Manager.

The position will include touching base with the club's various sponsors for updates and advance notice on events or news. Once the Sponsorship Manager has a handle on our current memberships, he will work to secure additional sponsorships and help direct the club's overall sponsor strategy.


Today, A Team Manager Keith Bradbury is having an interview with a sports magazine about ClubFootball, the organization he works for (and the organizer of the 5s league we play in). In an inspirational and generous thought, he's managed to get the interview done in Danger Doyle's to get some coverage of the Barbarians and our relationship with our main sponsor.

This is something every one of us who hold client meetings for work can do to help the club. Please consider holding your meetings and get-togethers at Danger Doyle’s, where you can use your Barbarian status to enjoy good service and great discounts. With the rooftop opening up, you'll have the perfect venue for both formal and informal meetings this summer!

Thanks, everyone, and please let me know if you’re interested in taking on the role of Sponsorship Manager. Cheers!

The Chairman

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