The Commitment to the Barbarians

Published on November 19, 2006
Beijing Barbarians Disciplinary Fines for the 2006-2007 Season

During our first season in the IFFC (2004-2005), the Barbarians decided as a team, by vote, to issue a number of individual fines for various indiscretions. The intention at that time was to help instill some discipline into some areas where we seemed to be a little lax. After some modifications, the management team approved the following fines and amounts, which are still in effect and worth going over for all our new members (and some of our more forgetful members as well).

If you are found to be guilty of any of the following, the associated fine should be paid to the Treasurer (Dirk) without delay. In other words, just buck up and admit you screwed up. Ideally, we will play the entire season without having to issue any of these fines!! In fact, some of these fines have never needed to be enforced! Let's keep it that way and…



40 RMB fine
Failure to arrive at the match venue at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled kick-off time. To avoid any dispute over the actual time, the "official time" will be kept by the Treasurer (or another member of the management in his absence). If you know you are going to be late, please phone Lee as early as possible, and any unusual circumstances will be taken into consideration.


40 RMB fine
Failure to inform Lee that you are unavailable for a match at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled kick-off time – 40 RMB fine. Please respond to Lee's emails or text messages promptly so we know who to expect at the match.


100 RMB fine
Failure to turn up for a match without any prior communication or just cause. You're really letting the rest of the team down.

Yellow Card

50 RMB fine
If you feel that the yellow card is unjust and you wish to appeal, the Disciplinary Committee (DC) consisting of Lee, Keith and David C. will decide immediately following the match whether the fine will be enforced. If any members of the Disciplinary Committee are not present, they will be substituted by other club members.

Red Card

200 RMB fine for two yellow cards
250 RMB fine for immediate expulsion

For appeals, the same procedure as with yellow cards will be employed.

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