Bountiful Benefits of Being a Barbarian

Published on April 9, 2012

When you play for the Beijing Barbarians, you get discounts all around Beijing!

  • At World Health Store, the one and only place to go and buy your steroids! No, seriously, these guys know their nutritional stuff and it's the place to go to get sound advice, a sound price and friendly service!!!
  • When in Sanlitun head to By The Tree, with their award winning pizzas, amazing draft Belgian beers, a great day to hang out and our sponsor!
  • When in Shunyi, Green Cap Bar is the place to be...discounted booze for football players who still have their boots on...20 RMB Draft Carlsberg, 10 RMB for a Tsingtao and the best burger in town, next door at the Filling Station.

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