New Club Sponsor: World Health Store

Published on November 15, 2011

We have just confirmed a generous sponsorship from World Health Store, Beijing's leading provider of vitamins and supplements, organic foods, sports and energy drinks, eco-friendly household goods, and a whole lot more!


World Health Store will sponsor our weekly "Man of the Match" winners for the A's and B's, as well as a new "Barbarian of the Week" award for the club member who has put in a great all-around effort, whether through 11s, 5s, training, or overall service to the club. (And remember, to win the Man of the Match award, you must show up at our other sponsor, By The Tree, for drinks after the game!) WHS will also give free VIP cards to all club members for special deals and discounts throughout the store.

As football players, a lot of us are concerned about our fitness and health, so it's great to have World Health Store come on board as a club sponsor. A lot of us will be interested in the products available at WHS. Please give as much support you can to WHS by checking out one of their two Beijing stores (one in the CBD, the other in Shunyi), ordering online at their website, and telling your friends about them. Stay Fit and Healthy!

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