Barbarians 5s A Team Falls Short in Division 6 Debut

Published on May 13, 2014

The newly-promoted Barbarian 5s A Team received a vanilla awakening to the perils of ClubFootball's Division 6.

Game 1: Marsh Heath Albion

blue-steelLacking support, the Barbars stared down their first opponents with confidence. Marsh Heath Albion, for their part, pulled versions of "Blue Steel," as their team mainly consisted of ladies and Mister Shaggy Fro. Despite being handicapped with a name that made them sound like a crappy 90s aternative rock band, they held their own on the pitch, and at halftime the score was still 0-0. In the second half the Barbarians pushed forward but were exposed when neanderthal-looking Will pushed too far up his line. Conceding a senseless goal, the Barbs pushed forward yet again, this time with even more vigor. Debutant Morgan came close on several occasions, while second-in-command Colin hit the headwork. Steady Dust minded the defense with combative Craig, and tireless Hector roamed the field. Unluckily, the Barbarians' efforts were not rewarded, and as time wound down, Mister Shaggy Fro volleyed a lob over his defender, catch the exposed keeper off guard and putting the game away.

Final score: 2-0

Game 2: NBDL

In the second match of the evening, the Barbarians faced NBDL, a team recently relegated from Division 5. The NBDL match started with each side moving the ball around carefully, as much chess as football, exchanging possessions in pursuit of that critical first goal. To the Barbars' misfortune, NBDL struck first, going up 1-0 early in the second half. Now needing a goal rather more urgently, the Barbar backline pushed forward. NBDL countered with a quick 1-2 punch and put two goals behind a swarming Barbarian team in search of taking a point away from the encounter.

Final score: 3-0

Matchday 2 is not until Thursday, May 22, when the Barbarians will take on (current) third-place Chinese team Dushanbe, followed by AC Bunga Bunga, who currently sit second to bottom. Kickoff is at 8pm. The Barbarians look to welcome the return of some key veterans missing from the first week's games, as well as some of the club's promising young talent.

If you are interested in playing 5s, please contact your organizers!

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