Barbarians A Team at It Again; Another Slip for Bs

Published on November 13, 2006

The A team have had another good week in both 11s and 5s competitions. First, the 11s team recorded a fine 6-0 hammering of BTS Korea. Not a great side, I know, but you can only beat what is there. New boy Mario earned himself a very nice hat trick, too! In the 5s, continued to show fine form in beating the leagues' top team, Sexy, 3-2. This was followed by a grueling 3-3 draw against the Vikings.

The Bs saw their title charge take another stumble in the 11s with a 6-3 defeat at the hands of Renda. The squad was clearly missing a few influential players, and, despite battling to the end, they just couldn't contain their opponents well enough. In the 5s, two wins this Thursday could see them with an outside chance at promotion, so will keep you posted there.

Will update league standings etc, as usual, once I get the nod from the IFFC.

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