Barbarians 5s A Team 2010 Early Autumn Roundup

Published on October 2, 2010

It was a tough season for the Barbarians Division 2 team in Clubfootball's 5s leagu. Due to the loss of key contributors such as Aubrey, Tatlai, Tim, and Andrey, we were stuck near the bottom of the table for much of the season, and with three matches to go things looked bleak. But after getting 7 points in those final three matches, we managed a sixth-place finish with 14 points, just ahead of Azzurri (13) and Russian Embassy (12). See the final table here.

Perhaps most impressive was that we accomplished this while rotating through a whopping nineteentwenty-two different players in just seven weeks (actually eight, counting the make-up week). That's the most players on record in one season since the Barbars started playing 5s back in 2004. Week after week we brought out drastically different lineups, often with new recruits getting their first time on the pitch as Barbarians.

At a time when the Barbarians were in need of new players, we played admirably and left the club as a whole in a stronger position as we look ahead to the Late Autumn 5s season, which starts just after the October holiday, as well as the 11s fall seasons, which had barely started before the recent holidays put them on hold.

Details on next season will be available soon, but one thing to consider right now is our other 5s team, which finished last place in Division 3 and may drop to Division 4. A drop in division means hey will likely play on Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays. We may need some of our A Teamers to play for the 5s B Team, which struggled to put together a consistent group this season. You can still play with the As, of course -- Clubfootball allows playing for two teams simultaneously as long as they're in different divisions. So if you're interested in two nights of 5s a week, let me know!

--Dave Carini, Beijing Barbarians 5s A Team organizer

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