Title Hopefuls Held to Draw: Barbarians 1-1 Sexy 2010-10-10

Published on October 11, 2010

A hard-fought draw for both teams, and in the end a just result. The Barbars fielded a number of fresh faces in the form of winger Samuel, aka Torres, and a late and effective sub role for Alex, aka the Karate Kid.

The game quickly settled into a pattern, with Sexy dominating possession but lacking penetration and appearing impotent, while the Barbars were happy to let them fanny about with the ball around the box and get a foot in when needed. The Barbars have played their old rivals enough to know their tendency to overplay everything and try to be too elaborate with the ball. Once in possession, the Barbars would look to counter with pace. One such sequence led to the first card of the game, when the Barbarian whippet Mo skinned the Sexy left back and was cynically scythed down, a well warranted yellow to Sexy.

The opponent's best chance came when the ball dropped in the box from a corner and was lashed ferociously on goal, only for Man of the Match Dary to bravely take the full force of the shot in the face and still have enough sense about him to punt the ball clear. Dary was also instrumental in the first goal, as a quick break forward saw him bolt over the halfway line and play in Big Kev who coolly slotted it home with a delicate finish into the far corner that left the keeper stranded and looking foolish. Barbars up 1-0 at the break.

The second half continued in a similar vein, with Sexy dominating possession but lacking penetration while the Barbars stood firm. Sexy eventually did finally get the equalizer off a somewhat dubiously awarded free kick from the edge of the box that floated over the wall and nestled in the corner. 1-1, and that's how it stayed.

Overall it was a fair result. The Barbars showed balls and battled hard, while Sexy had the lion's share of possession but looked like the only place they would score was post-match at Maggie's.

Special thanks to the new boys and Barbarian B Team who stepped up with great performances. One of this lot, Tim, was unlucky not get Man of the Match likely would have had if not for an outstanding defensive performance by Dary.

--Match report by Johnny Motson

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