Barbarians 5s A Team 2008-10-30

Published on October 30, 2008

After a 4-2 loss to Sporting de Mahou and a tough 2-2 tie against Russia in Week 3, we came away with just one point but , but it was our best performance of the season by far. If we keep playing at this level, the goals and the points WILL come. Keith was out for a week, and Spiros did a great job filling in as goalkeeper.

This week was notable for the diversity of players. We had seven men from seven different countries: Albania, England, Germany, Greece (by way of Belgium), Lybia, Russia, and the United States. The Beijing Barbarians--truly "The United Nations of Football" in Beijing!

Week 3 Lineup: Adam, Andrey, Bujar, Dave, Jemal, Spiros, Tobias

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