Barbarians 5s A Team 2008-09-18

Published on September 18, 2008

Coming into this week's games, we were in serious danger of relegation. We ended up playing France only;, who appear to have given up on the season, forfeited the second match, giving us an automatic three points. As for the French, they pressured us from the beginning, but we made the most of our opportunities and found ourselves up 2-1 at the half. In the second half, our defense fell apart somewhat, and we relied heavily on Keith's stunning performance in goal. Keith was assisted by the side post, which stopped two French shots. Having seven men (including new guy Michael) helped a lot, though, and in the end we held on for the 2-1 victory.

The 6 points we earned this week gives us 9 heading into the final week against Russia. With Oguzkhan below us at 3, we will definitely avoid relegation. There's still plenty to play for, though: A win against Russia (currently at 9 points as well) will put us in fifth place for the season, and with France and Afrika Reds both at 10 points, some favorable results in the other matches could push us even higher.

Week 3 Lineup: Adam, Aubrey, Bujar, Dave, Keith, Michael, Spiros

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