Barbarians 5s A Team 2008-09-04

Published on September 4, 2008

The ClubFootball 2008 Early Autumn 5s Season got started last Thursday. Because of the Olympics in August, this season has been shortened to just four weeks, and we'll only get one chance at each team. In our first week we played two very familiar opponents: Oguzkhan and Dulwich Lions.

Oguzkhan was up first, and they appeared to be missing some of the young, fast, and skilled players that have given us trouble in past encounters. A lucky deflection early on put us up 1-0, and we never looked back, cruising to a 5-2 victory that was never really in doubt.

Dulwich is one of the older 5s teams in the league and a longtime foe, though our drop to Division 3 this year (along with their rise to the top division) meant that we haven't played them much recently. This time we met in Division 2, but they were as solid as ever. We played well but didn't have the lungs or the legs to keep up. After going down 2-0 in the second half, we made a push to come back but ended up exposing our defense and making things worse. Final score, 5-0, Dulwich.

Overall, a decent start for the Barbars. Now that both 5s and 11s seasons are underway, more people know about the 5s teams, and we should have a few more bodies show up for next week's matches.

Week 1 Lineup: Adam, Bujar, Dave, Keith, Sean, Spiros

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