Barbarians 5s A Team 2008-07-25

Published on July 25, 2008

It was another successful showing for the Barbs A team in ClubFootball's Summer 5-a-side Cup, as we won our group for the second straight week! This week we were pitted against, City Weekend, and Vikings.

Just like a couple of our matches last week, we got off to another rocky start in our first match this week. A controversial free kick just a few meters in front of our goal caused several minutes of arguing and scuffling. When one of the opponents put a running shoulder block against our wall, clearing the path for the goal, things only got worse. Andrew was sent off with a yellow card, as was the hothead on the other team, even though he ran after and shoved our players several times when play was stopped, shouted threats to our face, try to attack us with the water cooler, and had to be restrained multiple times by his teammates. Did I mention that he tried to attack us with a water cooler? Still, we've got no one to blame but ourselves for the 1-0 final result. We gave them few clean looks the rest of the game, and we wasted at least ten good goal opportunities. As always, losing our cool and directing our anger toward the refs hurts no one but ourselves.

Fortunately, we regrouped in the second match and dominating City Weekend. After giving up a careless goal in the first minute, we evened the score, then started piling on in the final third, as they wilted under the summer heat and the relentless Barbars attack. Final score: 5-1.

The last game was against the Vikings, who played their typical game of pushing their keeper into our half and setting up lots of long shots for him. They put up a good fight, but our defense held strong. It was Jemal who put us ahead with a stunning goal -- receiving the ball with his back to the goal about 12 yards out, breaking back and to his left for a sliver of space, and then blasting an off-balance shot right past their keeper. Although we missed several more chances in the final minutes, we were happy to take the 1-0 victory.

Our 6 points put us at the top of the table and into the final group of 8, which will compete for the top award next Thursday. Details available on the CF website.

Special thanks to George and Striker Dan, both of whom showed up for the first time in a while and were integral to the victory. Actually, everyone played well--no one had a perfect game, but everybody brought something to the table. The depth of our team is a big reason why we're doing well right now. Our opponents can't match our bench, and we are simply wearing them out down the stretch.

Week 2 Lineup: Andrew, Striker Dan, Dave, George, Jemal, Marcus, Sean, Will

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