Barbarians 1-4 Azzurri 2008-03-16

Published on March 16, 2008

An interesting encounter that saw us pegged against our closest rivals this season. They now sit 4 points ahead of us and still have the Beijing Rockers game, which will give them a 6-0 victory. Although we won't meet them again this season, but we can still beat them in the table. Our current position puts us above Celtics and Renda with Azzurri reachable and Italy 10 points clear. Our immediate objective for the remainder of the season should be to retain our current position and beat Azzurri on the table; our dream scenario is to win out and finish above Italy in the top four. If we all pull together and play our best, I believe both objectives are attainable.

The game started well ,with the teams evenly matched for the most part. A defensive error lead to the first opportunity, and nobody could stop the pace of the Azzurri forward, who rounded a number of defenders before finishing from a seemingly impossible angle.

Shortly before halftime, the switch to 4-4-2 was made. This gave the Barbarians the upper hand, though we failed to capitalise before the whistle. At halftime the score remained 1-0 Azzurri.

The second half saw more of the same, with the Barbarians doing most of the attacking. A stonewall penalty was ignored by the referee as an Azzurri player swung his foot dangerously high in the box -- not for the first time during this game, it should be noted. Then a Barbarian goal kick was miscalled, and Azzurri scored off the resulting corner with a powerful header. Unfortunate refereeing had seen us 2-0 down when we could have been level. A third goal -- this one completely our fault -- quickly followed, making the bad refereeing a mute point. Claudius' late consolation goal was too little, too late, and a fourth Azzurri score put the game to bed.

Both teams know they played a game of football which was a lot closer than the score line would suggest. Special mentions this week for Bart, who played well and contributed a great deal in no less than three positions on the pitch. A well deserved Man of the Match. Also to Miltos, who played well on the wing, providing good passes and retaining possession, but more importantly stepped up as reserve keeper. To Jimmy, who risked life and limb to keep us in the game -- we hope the bruised arm recovers soon! To Claudius, our goal scorer, who combined well with Thomas to take the attack to the Italians. Andrew, for turning up to support us. And finally to Johan, our absent keeper, who we all hope makes a quick recovery from his broken ankle.

Up, up Barbarians!

Claudius ?
Man of the Match: 
Final Score: 4-1


      Starting 11      
Miltos   Bart   Cristoph   JJ
Jacob   Mark   Sebastian   Siri
      Jimmy C      

Subs: Michael, Thomas, Raul, Samy

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