Dragon Hunting: Barbarians 5-1 ISB Dragons 2011-10-02

Published on October 3, 2011

After an unfortunate start to the season, the Barbarians B squad were looking to get back in the race for the top spot in the league. The second match of the season saw them take on ISB Dragons. The Barbarians got off to a great start with a fantastic personal effort from defender-turned-striker Chris Sharpe scoring early. After dispossessing the defender, Chris was able slip past the keeper and make a clean finish.

The rest of the first half was a bit of a stalemate, with Chris squandering a few chances -- okay, more like five or six. All this was made worse by an astonishing own goal from our Captain of the day, Greg Williams, who headed the ball into our own net while defending an opposition corner.

Not long after, a handball on the goal line by a Dragons defender set up Nathan Dilliway for a goal with a penalty shot. Nathan was on target, but the Dragons goalkeeper made a beautiful save, then saved the follow-up shot off the deflection. From then on, the first half went forward without incident.

The second half started out much better for the Barbarians, who controlled the ball for the large majority of the time. A few minutes Chris, playing with the energy of a Tasmanian devil, got his second score with a simple header. Even with a nice little lead, we continued the pressure and all but finished the game off with a beautiful chip shot from striker Alex Derangeville. 3-0 Barbarians.

The Barbs continued to batter the youngsters from ISB with an onslaught of attacks, finally securing our fourth goal when A Team goalkeeper and B Team midfielder Carlos Muniz made an UNBELIEVABLE volley from at least 25 yards out.

Chris got his well deserved hat trick and the final goal of the match with a scrappy finish. The final whistle blew not long afterward, and the Barbarians had secured the 5-1 victory. The squad took somewhat dubious pride in knowing that even though the Dragons came away with a goal, we were the ones who scored it.

After the match, we all came back to our new sponsor, By The Tree, for some beers and the best pizza in town. After some deliberation the Man of the Match (Chris Sharpe) and Buggery F**kers of the Match (Greg and Nathan) were decided. With next weekend off for the October holiday, the B squad is hoping to improve upon their record with a win over the new addition to the First Division, King World.

Goal Scorers
  • Chris Sharpe (3)
  • Alex Derangeville (1)
  • Carlos Muniz (1)
  • Greg Williams (OWN GOAL)
Man of the Match
  • Chris Sharpe - HAT TRICK
Buggery F**ker
  • Greg Williams - OWN GOAL

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