Back to Our Winning Ways: Barbarians A 3-1 Vikings 2011-10-22

Published on October 23, 2011

On Saturday, October 22, 2011, the Barbarians took on the Vikings at Si De Park. After last week's loss to Russia, the Barbarians were looking to get the three points and return to their winning ways. The starting line up saw Carlos returning as goalkeeper after recovering from a recent injury. In defense Dave Carini, Andrew Robertson, Laurence Garner and Giambattista Santopolo were looking to close up shop. The midfield consisted of Dale Wong (also back after injury), John Thompson, Nathan Dilliway, and Henry Manuel. In attack Dirk van den Elzen and Kevin Plume were looking to bang ’em in. On the bench there were Thomas Santoni, Thomas Housham, and Matthew Morris.

The Barbarians took the lead after 30 minutes when Kevin Plume scored with a precision shot to put the team up 1-0. Shortly afterwards newcomer Matthew Mason increased the lead to 2-0 off a quality pass from Kevin. That was the result at halftime.

Shortly after the break Thomas Houskam scored his first goal for the club with a beautiful shot from the left side. It's not quite clear if this was a cross gone wayward or a display of raw talent. Either way, the Barbarians take all the goals they can get, and with the lead at 3-0, things were looking good.

The Barbarians were all over the Vikings and many chances went left begging. Unfortunately, instead of taking the opportunity pile on a few more goals to improve our goal difference in the league standings, the Barbarians conceded close to the end on a deflected Vikings shot that rolled under the goalkeeper. 3-1 was the final result.

The three points for the victory put the Barbarians in fifth place in the league. The Man of the Match voting ended in a tie between John and Thomas, but John took home the award after winning the darts tiebreaker. All in all, this was a very confident and quality team performance, and the Barbarians look to build on it for next week's game against the French.

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